Willy DeVille
Crow Jane Alley Tour
Palestra San Bernardino
Chiari (Brescia) - Italy
March 19, 2005

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Disc One

01. Intro
02. Low Rider (Boris Kinberg at vocals)
03. Chieva
04. Even While I Sleep
05. Come A Little Bit Closer
06. Downside Of Town
07. Muddy Waters Rose Out Of The Mississippi Mud
08. Steady Drivin' Man
09. Running Through The Jungle
10. Bacon Fat
11. Crow Jane Alley (for Jack)
12. Slave To Love
13. Savoir Faire
14. Cadillac Walk
15. Demasiado Corazon

Kenny Margolis on Keyboards
Freddie Koella on Guitars
Boris Kinberg on Drums
David Keyes on Bass
Dorene Wise on Vocals
Yadonna Wise on Vocals

 Disc Two

01. Just Your Friends
02. (Don't Have A) Change Of Heart
03. Spanish Stroll
04. Can't Do Without It
05. Hey Joe
06. Let It Be Me

Source: DPA 4061s + MPS6030 + Sony PCM-M1
Taper: Luigi B.
Flac process: -> Dat master (48Khz, Line In)
-> Sony DTC-Ze700 dat deck
-> Philips CdDR770 Audio Recorder (optical transfer & automatic downsample)
-> Wave single track on 2 Cdrw
-> EAC secure
-> Wave (fade in/out, normalize to 0db)
-> Track splitting with Wavelab 5.0
-> lossless compression to Flac (using DbPowerAmp)