Willy DeVille
La Spezia, Italy
Jul 26, 2003

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1. Introduction
2. Venus of Avenue D.
3. One Night of Sin
4. When your baby calls you on the phone (?)
5. Running through the jungle
6. Lay me down easy
7. Bamboo Road
8. Steady drivin man
9. Carmelita
10. Bacon fat
11. Across the borderline
12. Willy introduce the band
13. Can't do without it
14. Heart & Soul
15. Spanish Stroll
16. Hey! Joe
17. Who's gonna shoe your pretty little foot
18. All by myself
19. Save the last dance for me
20. How many arms have tied you?

Ottima recensione del concerto su Rocklab (italian)


Willy DeVille (vocals  guitars)
David Keyes (bass vocals)
Steve Conte (guitar, mandolin)
Boris Kinberg (percussion)
Madonna e Dorene Wise (cori)