Willy DeVille
A very very special concert...
Paderno Dugnano, Italy
July 15, 2001

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Disc One

1. One night of sin
2. This is the way you make a broken heart
3. Lay me down easy
4. Across the borderline
5. Who's gonna shoe your pretty little foot
6. Heart and soul
7. Just your friend
8. Bad Boy
9. Billy the Kid
10. Save the last dance for me
11. Shake Sugaree
12. All by myself
13. Blues stuff... (?)
14. You better move on

Caro Bruno,
pensavo tu sapessi la storia di Paderno... un concerto che non mai stato fatto. Quel giorno pioveva a dirotto e annullarono lo show, erano per presenti circa 50 persone (tra cui il mio amico con il dat) e Willy propose di fare due/tre pezzi acustici. In pratica Willy suon unplugged (nel vero senso, gli strumenti e la voce non sono amplificati) nel bel mezzo della strada con 50 persone intorno. Infatti se ascolti all'inizio senti una ragazza dire "gli vedo il numero di scarpe", inoltre durante alcuni brani sentirai la voce abbassarsi, dovuto a Willy che si gira per cantare a quelli che gli stanno dietro alla schiena e non essendo amplificato da un microfono il suono della sua voce pi basso. Si tratta di un reperto unico, rarissimo (il mio amico non scambia, tu sei il primo ad averlo) e particolare: ecco perch non dura 22/23 canzoni, non uno show normale.

(Dear Bruno, I thought you knew the story of Paderno... it's a concert that never happened. That day it was raining too much and the show was cancelled, but there were about 50 persons (among them was a friend of mine with his DAT) and Willy started to play 2/3 acoustic songs. Willy went on playing really unplugged (no PA at all) in the middle of the street with that little crowd around him. In the beginning of the record a girl says "i can see the size-number of his shoes", besides that at some point the voice of Willy get lower because he turns back to sing for the people sitting back to him. This show is a rarity (the friend of mine does not trade, you are the only one to get it) and it's very peculiar: that's why the show didn't last 22/23 songs, because it's not a normal show.)

The same story from the words of David.J. Keyes (Mink DeVille bass player)

(excerpt from David's site:Blues News)

Here's a story from a concert near Milan...a couple years ago. We arrived at a festival site only to fnd clouds thundering and rain pounding the stage, Everything on stage was soaking wet so as the early afternoon hours ticked by, we realized that the show had to be cancelled. Hey, nobody wants to get electrocuted! But we really didn't want to cancel.

The technicians began clearing the stage and we waited backstage for the signal to get on the tourbus and head for the hotel. Even with the hard rain there were hundreds of fans, still hoping that the rain would stop and the "...show would go on".

Then as it got later and colder, the rain agreed to stop. So I had an idea, I ran up to Willy's dressing room and he was hanging out playing the guitar.  I said, "Willy, maybe we should do this show anyway." He said, "...what?!"

I said, "Let's get all the equipment off stage, no lights, no amps, no microphones. We can remove the security barrier so the audience can move right up to the front of the stage. We'll put the girls, (Lisa and Sweetie Wise) right behind your ears and line the rest of the band across the front of the stage."

Willy rolled his eyes back and thought for about two seconds. Then he said, "Let's do it" Well, the girls were already out of their stage clothes and sleeping on the bus. But even they thought it could be cool to do a show this way. (Whew!)

In about 15 minutes we had the opening act onstage and we listened to their set - totally unplugged and nearly in the dark! It sounded cool and the audience loved it. Our show was also spirited with great singing and dynamics that is sometimes hard to get when everyone is plugged in on a big stage.

Great moments between Willy and the audience made this one concert I will remember for the rest of my life.

David J. Keyes