Willy DeVille
LoneStar Cafe, New York City (+extra)
Rare Live-Shows Vol. 1
September, 09 1986

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Willy DeVille & Friends
with the Uptown Horns
at LoneStar Cafe, New York City:

1. Watermelon Man
2. Cry To Me (S. Burke)

4. I Found A Love
5. Mellow Saxophone

6. These Arms Of Mine
7. Fannie Mae
8. Ya Ya


Tracks 1-8

Willy DeVille: vocals
Kenny Margolis:  Keyboards, Vocals
Boris Kinberg: Percussion
Marc Ribot: Guitar
Tony Garnier: Bass
Bobby Kent: Drums
The Uptown Horns:
Crispin Cloe - Sax Vocals
Arno Hecht: Sax
Bob Funk: Trombone
" Hollywood" Paul Litteral : Trumpet

Cheryl Wheeler : Vocals
Lisa?: Vocals

SBD quality (low right channel )
TOO MANY pops/cracks, cut songs
Many R&R / R&B covers in this curios show from Willy...
note that:
Kenny Margolis : "This show was the first show Willy did without Mink DeVille since was in that band"

Mink DeVille , December 31, 1989
Hessischer Rundfunk Germany:

9. Italian Shoes
10. Cadillac Walk
11. Heart & Soul
12. Pick Up The Pieces
13. Spanish Stroll

Tracks 9-13
SBD stereo Quality A+
Stunning show stunning quality
Why so little tracks??? :-)