Mink DeVille
Live at Bottom Line - New York
WMMR Radio Broadcast (Philadelfia)
September 12, 1980

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1. Harlem Nocturne
2. Slow Drain
3. Savoir Faire
4. She's So Tough
5. Cadillac Walk
6. Mixed Up Shook Up Girl
7. Just Your Friend
8. Desperate Days
9. Steady Drivin' man
10. That World Outside
11. Can't Do Without It
12. Mazurka
13. One Way Street
14. Just To Walk That Little Girl Home
15. Spanish Stroll
16. This Must Be The Night
17. Lipstick Traces
18. Easy Slider
19. Bad Boy
20. Soul Twist

WMMR Radio FM -> Tape -> CDR
There are little defects on some tracks.
I don't know what tape generation i got.
Some circulating copies don't contain the last track
(a stunning performance of Soul Twist plus some interesting DJ comments).

the entire program is 81 minutes long,
it fits in one disc only by little overburning.
In this case choose a cdr brand that support 81 mins,
or you better try for 90/100 minutes CDR.
Note that some (older) HiFi cd-player does not read overburned cdr.