Mink DeVille
Boston, MA
July 20, 1978

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1.  DJ Patter - intro
2.  Venus Of Avenue D
3.  Gunslinger
4.  Spanish Stroll
5.  Mixed Up Shook Up Girl
6.  Just Your Friends
7.  Guardian Angel
8.  Cadillac Walk
9.  She's So Tough
10.  Steady Drivin' Man (cassette flip)
11.  Soul Twist
12.  Just You And Me, Darling
13.  Desperate Days
14.  Willy intros the band - Shadows In The Night

There's an edit at the end of track 10 and another at the end of track 11.  The first was for the flip, the next was to cut the time waiting for the encore.  This fit onto an 80 minute disc for me.  Cut the DJ patter track if necessary.  The entire show is here.  And don't let the board trouble scare you off.  It still sounds good.

FM>cassette master>TASCAM Pro CD-RW5000>Audition (for extraction)>FLAC Frontend