Bob Dylan
European Tour Anthology

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Disc One

1. Introduction 3-11-95, Prague
2. Crash on the Levee
3. If Not for You
4. All Along the Watchtower
5. Just Like a Woman
6. Tangled Up in Blue
7. Watching the River Flow
8. Mr. Tambourine Man
9. Boots of Spanish Leather
10. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
11. Man in the Long Black Coat
12. God Knows
13. Maggies Farm

Disc Two

1. Shelter from the Storm
2. It Ain't Me, Babe
3. Times They Are A-Changin' Prague 13th March
4. Mama, You been on my Mind Brighton 26th March
5. Masters of War Paris 24th March
6. Desolation Row Cardiff 27th March
7. Hattie Carroll London 31st March
8. To Ramona Birmingham 2nd April
9. Gates of Eden Manchester 3rd April
10. One Too Many Mornings Manchester 4th April
11. Hard Rain Manchester 5th April
12. My Back Pages Manchester 5th April

Disc Three

1. Mr. Tambourine Man (alt. version) Manchester 4th April
2. Love minus Zero Edinburgh 7th April
3. I Don't Believe You Prague 12th March
4. License to Kill Prague 13th March
5. Positively 4th Street Bielefeld 16th March
6. Dignity Bielefeld 16th March
7. You're a Big Girl Now Paris 24th March
8. I Want You Brighton 26th March
9. Simple Twist of Fate Brighton 26th March
10. Born in Time Cardiff 27th March
11. It Takes A Lot to Laugh London 29th March
12. She Belongs to Me London 29th March

Disc Four

1. If You See Her, Say Hello London 30th March
2. Jokerman London 30th March
3. Every Grain of Sand London 30th March
4. I Believe in You London 30th March
5. Senor London 31st March
6. Tombstone Blues London 31st March
7. In the Garden London 31st March
8. Joey London 31st March
9. I Shall be Released London 31st March
10. Where Teardrops Fall Manchester 3rd April
11. What Good Am I?
Manchester 3rd April

Disc Five

1. Under the Red Sky Manchester 3rd April
2. Leopard Skin Pillblahblah Manchester 3rd April
3. Shooting Star Manchester 4th April
4. Most Likely You'll Go Your Way Manchester 4th April
5. I and I Manchester 4th April
6. I'll Remember You Manchester 4th April
7. Queen Jane Manchester 5th April
8. Heaven's Door Manchester 5th April
9. Tears of Rage Glasgow 9th April
10. Ring Them Bells Dublin 11th April
11. Real Real Gone Dublin 11th April