Bob Dylan
The Minnesota Tapes / Minn. Hotel Tapes
Minnesota, USA

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Disc One

Minnesota Party Tape (May 1961):
1. Ramblin' Round (Woody Guthrie)

2. Death Don't Have No Mercy (Rev. Gary Davis)

3. It's Hard To Be Blind  (Adapted*)

4. This Train Is Bound For Glory (Big Bill Broonzy)

5. Harmonica Solo 
6. Talkin' Fish Blues (Woody Guthrie)

7. Pastures Of Plenty (Woody Guthrie)

8. Railroad Bill (Traditional)

9.  Will The Circle Be Unbroken (A P Carter)

10. Man Of Constant Sorrow (Traditional)

11. Pretty Polly (Traditional)

12. Railroad Boy (Traditional)

13. James Alley Blues (Richard Brown)

14. Bonnie, Why'd You Cut My Hair (Traditional)

15. This Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie)

16. Two Trains Running (McKinley Morganfield)

17. Wild Mountain Thyme (Traditional)

Disc Two

1. How did o
2. Car Car
3. Don't You Push Me Down
4. Come See
5. I Want It Now (I Want My Milk)
6. San Francisco Bay Blues
7. A Long Time A-Growin'
8. Devilish Mary

Minnesota Hotel Tape (Dec. 1961):
9. Candy Man (Rev. Gary Davis arr. of trad. song)

10. Baby Please Don't Go (Big Joe Williams)

11. Hard Times In New York Town (adapted*1)

12. Stealin' (Memphis Jug Band arr. of trad. song)

13. Poor Lazarus (Traditional)

14. I Ain't Got No Home (Woody Guthrie)

15. It's Hard To Be Blind (adapted*2)

16. Dink's Song (John & Alan Lomax arr. of trad. song)

17. Man Of Constant Sorrow (Dylan arr. of trad. song)

18. The Story Of East Orange (Assumed Dylan)

Disc Three

1. Naomi Wise (Traditional)
2. Wade In The Water (Traditional)
3. I Was Young When I Left Home (adapted*3)
4. In The Evening (Leroy Carr)
5. Baby Let Me Follow You Down (E.Von Schmidt)
6. Sally Gal (adapted*4)
7. Gospel Plow (Traditional)
8. Long John (Traditional)
9. Cocaine Blues (Rev. Gary Davis arr. of trad. song)
10. VD Blues (Woody Guthrie)
11. VD Waltz (Woody Guthrie)
12. VD City (Woody Guthrie)
13. VD Gunner's Blues (Woody Guthrie)
14. See My Grave's Kept Clean (Lemon Jefferson)
15. Ramblin' Round (Woody Guthrie)
16. Black Cross (Lord Buckley arr. of Joseph S. Newman)