Rome, Aug 4, 2007

Mario is a good friend of mine.
He taught me how to play guitar many years ago, since then we've been playing together from time to time.
A few years ago we founded
ArinGroup, an italian folk-rock band in Rome, in order to start a recording studio for the Aringo Club.

However in the early years we used to cover many songs from our hero, Bob Dylan. Many covers were home-recorded on audio CASSETTEs.
This one was one of the best, and it was available on a Dylan's covers website not running anymore: "They All Play On Penny Whistles".
Because of the vitality of the Bob Dylan's fans net-community, it has been linked or reported onto many other websites listing Dylan's covers all over the world.
I don't know if anywhere the original mp3 is really available, so i make it available here, for those who may search it on the net.

It was recorded in 1985 by a simple Pioneer hi-fi stereo cassette deck, with one mike through a LEM mixer featuring an ECHO TAPE system (!).
As far as I remember we both played Fender Stratocaster guitars; mine was stereo-arranged through flanger, compressor and delay.
Mario's guitar is effected by overdrive and digital delay, and chorus, maybe.
You'll find some errors in the performance, due to improvisation, but the feeling was very good, certainly for us.

Bruno & Mario (1985) You Are Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go .mp3

10.11.2008 Update
I recently started a new band named Dylan Dogs.
For info about Dylan Dogs please look at

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